The Secret to Great Wedding Deals - As anyone involved in wedding planning today knows, the overall cost of an average wedding is around $19,000 and often much higher.

Capturing the Radiant and the Important Shots in a Wedding - This article gives you a simple yet honest hint regarding the best unscripted moments in a wedding that is worthy of a still shot from a photographer.

Great Ideas For Beach Wedding Favors - For the beach-loving couple, a beach-themed wedding or bridal party is fabulous especially during summer.

Silly excuses for infidelity I fell out of love I love being in love - I find this dilemma rather common for younger couples, probably mid or late 30s and younger.

Confirm Relationship Results Now with These Useful Strategies - Learn completely new approaches to date expertly

Planning a Trip on Valentines Day - If you are planning a trip on Valentine's Day, here are a few tips that can take the stress and worry out of it.

Like it or Not Finance Matters a Lot - Finance.

How Husbands Can Write an Affirmative and Effective Note to Their Wives - Despite TV shows and supermarket tabloids, husbands can develop the mindset to write loving letters their wives.

Infidelity Investigation Warning Signs of Wife Infidelity And How to Catch The Cheater - When you are reading this, your wife could be flirting around with other man.

Online Dating Sites For Sex Relationships And Marriage - People from all walks of life ages are now turning to internet dating sites for a variety of reasons.

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