Seal the deal: what can you say to make prospects say yes?It's called consumer inertia--the disposition to do nothing. You might even experience it yourself sometimes. You sincerely like an item, but nothing compels you to buy it.So how does one tweak a prospect's core impulse to buy? Have a bunker-buster of a closing argument.

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Gold bond: alliances are worth their weight in good businessAt a typical 8minuteDating event, single men and women gather at a restaurant, chat one-on-one for eight minutes, and then move on to the next table. After the event, couples who like each other can meet again. Last January, Adam Segel, an executive with Tele-Publishing International (TPI),

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No Sympathy For the DevilsThe U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case today that will try to determine who the bad guys are in the Internet music showdown, but anyone hoping for a definitive answer from the justices should prepare for disappointment.

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DatingDirect tops UK dating marketTELECOMWORLDWIRE-15 August 2005-DatingDirect tops UK dating market(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.comDatingDirect.com, an online UK-based dating service, remains the most visited UK dating website according to Internet ratings figures released by Nielsen//NetRatings, an Internet research and analysis provider.

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Single, White Gamer Seeking Girl...Any GirlAs a hardcore gamer, it’s tough to get a date—that’s the embarrassing truth. Enter matchmaker John Villafrate. At 23, he’s the founder of MMODating.com, the first online dating service geared specifically toward lonely keyboard jockeys. “Being a gamer, I couldn’t see myself replying to someone whose interests were going out to a bar and

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Seeds of promise

Seeds of promise: the future of your garden might be found in the heirloom plants grown only on this Iowa farmsteadIt's early spring at Heritage Farm, six miles north of Decorah, IA, near the Minnesota border. Although patches of snow cover the

Find Anything on the Web -

find_anything.aspTrue or false: Web research is easy--just type a query into one of a dozen search engines and

New attitude: we name the top 50

New attitude: we name the top 50 new franchises for 2005To the casual onlooker, franchising might seem to be a business of standards and household names--the hamburger, pizza and chicken franchises found on practically every corner.

Don't Be a Victim of Online Dating

Don't Be a Victim of Online Dating NEW YORK, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- DatingHeadshots (DHS) and SafeDate today announced a strategic alliance to provide online daters with quality dating headshots and background checks.


PROFNET WIRE: ENTERTAINMENT ROBIN GORMAN NEWMAN, author of "How to Meet a Mensch in New York" and the forthcoming "How to Marry a Mensch," is the founder of PROFILES WITH PIZAZZ, a service for singles pursuing Internet dating. Newman assists singles with Internet dating by writing profiles,