Behind the Scenes with Ava Vincent

Ava Vincent is an adult film star that is quickly climbing the charts as one of the most popular female stars in the industry. This is something that is very hard to do because there are so many women who are competing for the spotlight in the same genre of films, so to break out ahead of the pack is getting increasingly difficult. It was not always this easy for Ava Vincent; she had a very humble beginning in the adult film industry.

Ava Vincent was born in Northern California in the small town of Placerville in 1975.

She went to high school in Manteca, California at East Union High School. After she graduated from East Union High School, she got a job working at an adult bookstore in Sacramento. Originally, this job was to pass the time while she was planning to study theater at a university in Los Angeles, but that changed rather quickly when she found herself very interested in the adult film industry form reading about it so often.

It was then that she met Samantha Style, an adult film actor who was working in Sacramento at the time making films for Seymore Butts.

Seymore Butts was an American adult film director and producer who hailed from the Bronx in New York City. He had already produced hundreds of adult films at the time so Ava Vincent considered herself very lucky when Samantha introduced her to him.

Vincent made her first film in 1998 for Seymore Butts under the stage name, Jewel Valmont.

At the time she was acting as a natural brunette, but she began dyeing her hair blonde for films in 2000. It was that year that she also changed her stage name to Ava Vincent for fear that her fans and directors would confuse her with other actresses who had Jewel as part of their stage name.

Jewel has always been a very popular stage name in the adult film industry and Vincent wanted to do something to set her apart from all the others. She lost about twenty pounds in 2001 to help with her mass appeal. She credits this weight loss to helping her win several adult awards later that year.

Vincent got married to John Decker on July 2, 2001 in a typical Las Vegas wedding. Unfortunately, they divorced just one year later. Ava Vincent comes from very humble beginnings and is proof that with determination and by knowing what you want, anyone can achieve their dreams.


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