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How is your marriage going? Is it going as you planned? Or is it two trains on a track heading toward each other?

If the last one is the case then you need to be asking yourself a few questions. First you need to ask yourself is it worth it?

Is it worth everything you have been going through or are you just ready to give up.

Dont make a hurried decision. Take your time and ask yourself these and other questions. The point is, if you start to ask yourself some questions then you will begin to see what is really the truth.

And only you can know the truth and how it will affect you and your marriage.

If you have been through counseling and all that jazz then asking these questions may be just the thing to get you looking in the right direction. Do you know if your spouse is cheating on you? Do you know if he or she would like to work things out.

Listen, any marriage can be a tough things. Sure, its great in the start when everything is fresh and new.

But once things get going and you have spent a considerable amount of time with each other, then things can start to fall apart and rather quickly.

this is why it is important to ask yourself questions so you can get to the bottom of everything. Its kind of like building blocks. One question will lead to the next and to the next and so on. And in the end you may just come up with the answer you are looking for.

Its good to get your brain moving and headed in the right direction. Also, dont forget to ask friends for some help as they can look in form the outside. remember friends can really try and protect you and not really give the best advice. But it is good to get their opinion so you can have other ideas.

You can also go talk to a counselor by yourself. They may also provide some insight to your problem in your marriage.

Just remember its important to always keep an open mind so you leave no stone unturned.

If you think things may not be working out then you owe it to yourself to get out but only after you have asked yourself some of these all important questions first.


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