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Imagining a chat software or chat site without voice chat is almost impossible today, the improvements in internet speed and advances in multimedia have made it possible for people to not just communicate by keying in words into a chat site, but by plugging in their headset and mike, people can interact with each other all over the globe, all a user needs to voice chat is a headset, decent internet speed, and a voice chat program or chat site. Imagining a chat site or program without voice chat is like imagining a car without a fourth wheel, that is how indispensable voice chat has become to chat software and chat sites. There are a few things that a user must keep in mind before he or she begins to voice chat, the first thing to remember is that not all internet connections support voice chat, even in the United States, there still are users that are using dial up connections, and their average download speed is no more than a few Kbps (Kilo bits per second), this means that while they can easily access a chat site, there is very little chance that they will be able to enjoy the rich multimedia experience that the chat site is offering.

Even if a dial-up user does manage to initiate a voice chat, such chats are poor in quality and they often experience frequent disconnections and issues like choppy voice. The good news is that there are more than 60,362,830 broadband subscribers in the united sates alone, and the chances are, that voice chat will not be a problem at all. So as far as one can see in the near future voice chat issues will become few and far apart. There are hardly any non-multimedia computers in use today, and home users prefer to use voice chat over expensive long distance calls, in the long run its cheaper to upgrade to broadband, then to pay hefty bills for long distance calls. Another brilliant advantage voice chat offers, is that the equipment required to make a computer voice chat enabled, is very very cheap. All it takes for a computer user to start using voice chat on any chat site or chat software is a headset that has a microphone in built.

Almost all computers in use today have the necessary hardware for voice chat. All in all voice chat has become exceedingly popular with internet users the world over, and one of the biggest users of voice chat today are teenagers and people less than 30 years of age. Teen chat sites have already acknowledged the fact that teenagers prefer voice chat over regular text chat, apart from the reasons already mentioned one of the biggest advantages voice chat offers is that it is easy to use. A user does not have to be very good at typing to enjoy chatting any more. But perhaps the biggest reason why teen chat sites today offer voice chat today is because voice chat is far less expressive than making phone calls and has a 'fun' aspect that attracts teenagers to it. All in all for any successful teen chat site, voice chat has to be an integral part of the site.

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