How to Flirt Doctor uses Flirt Quiz to Teach New Methods

T.P. (Ph.D.

) wants to teach men how to become quality men, so they can attract quality women. He recently left academia and has developed a short flirt quiz to introduce men to his methods. There has been a lot written in the last 10 years on the topic of dating and attracting women. T.P.

has read a lot of this material and thinks he has a way to improve things for the average guy. While the dating "gurus" have done a lot right, and help men out a lot, T.P. thinks they need improvement in these 5 areas: 1.

They're geared toward "speed" seduction. 2. They sometimes encourage reckless behavior. 3.

They teach men how to score with liquored-up club girls, and not the quality women most men really want. 4. Men are left to try approaching women with material that feels canned. 5. Sometimes it seems as though men are supposed to see women as trophies -- to be conquered, stuffed and mounted on the wall.

In light of these shortcomings, T.P. developed an alternative. A slower, safer, more respectful method of attracting and seducing quality women. It uses a method he calls "slow seduction", and it solves all the problems mentioned above. The full system allows men to find the right attraction stories for them.

It teaches them how to create their own material. And it gives them a web-based planning tool to manage their material and the women they're trying to attract. So, how does T.

P. introduce men to his new concepts? With a flirt quiz.

To take T.P.'s flirt quiz, click through to Alpha Male Planner.

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