The Missing Link in Your Game Qualification

Many guys either have the ability or can learn to approach women and have witty conversations that build attraction. Even the most socially uninhibited and witty guys can find themselves striking out more often than not. We tend to focus so much on how to attract women to us we never think about how we become attracted to them.

How we are attracted to women is the missing link in a lot of guys game. I know what your thinking, I see a hot girl across the room and I am attracted to her, its that simple. No its not for a couple of very important reasons! This missing link in your game is often referred to as qualification.

Get this figured out and your interactions with women will become more profound and successful.

Qualification is the stage of the interaction after you have built her interest and attraction in you. Now it is her tern to qualify or attract you to her. This is an important phase in your interactions for a few very important reasons.

The first reason qualification is important is it projects the proper attitude. You are the selector not the selected.

Beautiful women are common and she will have to show you more than that for you to be interested in her. This attitude brings us to another important point.
We all tend to cherish things we have to work for, its human nature and believe it or not women are human.

She will enjoy working for your affection, and if she gets it, she will appreciate it more.

The third reason qualification is important is beautiful women are hit on all the time because of their looks. A woman wants to feel that your interest in her is validated by who she really is as a person. I know what a revelation, they have souls after all, but stick with me here.

This magical process of qualification will solidify her feeling of attraction for you, great, so how does it work, you ask?

First you have to think of what you are looking for in a woman.

I am not saying you have to be looking for your soul mate, but you should have at least a short list of attributes that you find attractive in a woman. Do you like educated women, well traveled women, artistic types, the list can go on and on. Just pick out a few of the most important to you to work with.

Now you can help her qualify herself to you by simply bringing these topics up in casual conversation. Ask a question or make a statement about the topic your interested in and she will jump right in and respond.

Talk about it for a while sharing your experiences and feeling on the topic. Then if she is what youre looking for commend her on her perspective or deeds concerning the topic. Do you see what an easy process this kind of interaction can be? Just remember to make it feel natural and pull back a little if it seems like you are coming across as too interested.

There you have it, a subtle and very powerful kind of interaction that will take your game and interactions with women to a new level. Just remember that this is only effective after you have built attraction and interest first. After she has qualified to you building comfort and progressing in the relationship has more life, and moves forward smoother.


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